Witch Hexes & Breakups

Witch Hexes & Breakups

This is a form of Magick that must be approached with caution. Are you sure the person you may be targeting with a Hex deserves it? If so, you can really let them have it with this collection.

If you know someone who genuinely has it coming to them, these are great ways to serve them their just desserts. Do you know a couple who simply shouldn’t be together? These Spells can be the perfect way to make sure the inevitable breakup happens NOW, preventing heartache in the long run.

Our Coven is a strong one which lives and works by a moral code. While it’s true these Witch Hexes & Breakup Spells may affect other peoples’ lives, they will not cause physical harm to the target.

Many of these Spells work by reflecting a person’s negative energy back on themselves. For cases where Spells must be used to punish and send away those who truly deserve it, remember that our resident Hex expert, Stephenie Crowe, is the one Casting the Spells. She knows how to deal with any negative Karma issues.

Once a Spell of this type has achieved its goals, it will slowly fade away with time. If you need the Spell to continue and keep up its strength, we easily organize for it to be renewed and refreshed.

* Disclaimer: There is no guarantee of specific results, results can vary*

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